Ryan M. Frischmann

Skills Guru - Founder, Leader, Content Writer, and Application Designer and Programmer

My Story

Growing up I wanted to start a business. For my undergraduate degree (SUNY Geneseo), I earned a BS in Management Science with a minor in Computer Applications. For the next few years I created numerous database applications (one for an established company, one for the executive and sales management of a multi-national corporation, and one for a startup).

I went back to business school (RH Smith School) and completed work towards an MBA. But like most of the students lacked clarity with what I wanted to do. For the next six years, I was a full stack developer for numerous website applications.

In 2011, I started a company for personal websites and created a methodology for learning called Skills Based Approach. And ever since I have been writing (3 books, 300+ blogs, and articles), designing and coding applications, and marketing concepts related to skills (through social media and videos). In 2016, I applied for a patent for Skills Label - a system to track the development of skills. I started a community called Skills Culture. The three concepts work together as a platform for lifelong learning.

I have spent more than a decade working on these skills applications and publishing related materials. For the forseeable future, I see much work ahead. The relevancy is all around in education (experential learning), higher education (job readiness and critical thinking skills), and career development. I treat my work with skills as a science.

Timeline Ryan Frischmann Work

My Skills

Business Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Negotiation, Application Design, Website Development, Database Design, Programming, .NET Core, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS, Java, UI/UX Design, Content Distribution, Social Media (Certified), Blogging, Writing and Graphic Design

My Work

To simplify, I am providing links to the main websites from which there are links to the books, social media, apps and patents.

Skills Label - a patent pending system to manage and track skills. Applied in eight Android apps, two Windows 10 apps, and a substancial web application. Also, a subject of a book.

Skills Based Approach - a methodolgy for learning and personal growth. Designed and applied in a beta Android app. Subject of a book (2013, 2020).

Skills Culture - a growth mindset for acquiring skills. Content driven, blog website. Subject of a book (2020).

Personal Website - a personal website platform. An application to build personal websites (2011). Not currently supported, but might be revived given its relevance.